To Customize a garment you will need to email me the "saying" you want and a photo if you are adding a photo. You can scan art work & send me the file or send me artwork and I will scan it for you and mail it back to you.

There is no extra charge for "a saying" & a photo. There is no charge for me helping you design your custom shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, jacket or baby bodysuit. 
Email me at: 

Basically: I need a good quality image to make a good quality printed shirt. The typography for the "words" are no problem because I re-type it in a font that you want or that we will choose. You will always see a proof before we go to print.

WHAT IS GOOD IMAGE QUALITY? An image that is sharp and high enough resolution... generally called High Resolution at a certain size. High Resolution for printing on shirts is 300 pixels per inch or ppi.
Most companies will tell you to use 300 DPI when they mean ppi. That is OK. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch which is a printer specification but we know what they mean... Pixels Per Inch. 

The print area for a shirt front or back is 12" wide x 16" high. So a photo that is EITHER 12" wide at 300 pixels per inch or 16" high at 300 pixels per inch would be the exact high resolution needed.
OK. The image does not have to be 16" high or 12" wide.  It needs to be at High resolution at the actual size we will see it on the shirt.

To nit pick, the smaller toddler & baby shirts are smaller and therefore don't need an image 12" wide a smaller image will do.

Too much resolution or too large an image is not a problem. Send it.

I can take ANY file type. Meaning a JPEG, PNG, TIFF, a .PSD or a RAW file.
If you are saving a JPEG. Save it at the Highest Quality setting Q12.

If a file is too big to email there is a file transfer service called that you can use. Anyone can use this service for free up to 2GB per file transfer. I have an account to transfer larger files up to 20GB.

I can crop images cutout people, increase resolution up to a point sharpen all images. If severely out of focus it may not be possible for me to completely sharpen that image. I can also color correct, exposure correct or make into a black & white. This work is for free unless an image needs extensive work. If it does I will email you to discuss what you would like to do and the cost.

Thank you - Ron Richman